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Embrace your natural hair texture. Easier said then done, right? Trust me I know first hand.  Your hair may seem impossible to manage and a headache to maintain, but NORE is here to help create good hair days for EVERYONE!!

So, lets start with loving our natural hair texture.  Every head has its own unique texture. I myself has what they call 4c type hair; which is tightly coiled with A LOOOOOT of shrinkage when wet. But whether your natural hair becomes wavy or tightly coiled when wet it's a must that you love. It's yours so why not adore it.  Don't be afraid to be the you that you were born to be. Now lets talk about how to care for and manage your natural hair.

Moisturize, Moisturize, MOISTURIZE!! Whew! Sorry to yell, but moisturized hair is so important. The last thing we want is for our hair to become dry and brittle, right? Here are a few things that NORE recommends to keep different textures moisturized.

  • Natural or Organic Conditioner. Find one that works best for your hair type. If your hair has a hard time staying moisturized try a conditioner infused with naturals such as Argon oil which works really well on dry hair.

  • Moisturizing Shampoo. Look a shampoo that is sulfate-free and paraben-free to prevent from stripping the hair and drying out the scalp.

  • Try a hair Mask. They usually contain oils and butters that are meant to keep the hair hydrated.  They are prefect for reducing breakage and keeping those horrid split ends away.

  • Twisting and braiding. Doing so at night can help form and maintain well defined curls in your natural texture. Can also help prevent split ends from occurring.

Okay so my Curly girls I hope NORE has given you the strength and encouragement to start rocking your natural hair.  If you have any hair questions don't be afraid to holla at ya girl!!


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