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5 Minute Natural Daytime Look

A 5 minute daytime makeup routine that I love. This is perfect if you love a light, dewy, airy look. (All products can be found in your local drug store.)

Step one: Eyebrows!! One thing that I have learned is to ALWAYS keep my eyebrows arched. Sometimes they can make or break my look. I fill my eyebrows in with a dark brown pencil by L.A. Colors, and clean them up with Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy+Smooth Foundation. I love this for my eyebrows because it goes on smooth, and it's easy to blend.

Step two: Shimmer!! I like for my face to have a shimmer look to it when the sunlight hits. I achieve this with the Black Radiance Crème Contour Palete. Using a makeup brush I apply the "Illuminate" color in all of the places I want my face to shimmer.

Step three: To give my skin an airy finished look I take a small amount of facial moisturizer and sprinkle loose powder into it, and rub it evenly all over my face and neck. This prevents your skin from looking flat or powdery from the powder. I like to use Black Radiance True Complexion Loose Powder or their Color Perfect HD Mousse Foundation. Be sure to blend this in with the foundation around your eyebrows as well. (Spray your face with setting spray as well if you would like. I use Maybelline Master Fix.)

Step 4: EYES!! I line my eye with black eyeliner by L.A. Colors. Most days I wear lashes, but on the days that I don't, my go to mascara is Covergirl The Super Sizer Fibers.

Step 5: LIPS!! I'm a lipgloss kind of girl. My favorite lip gloss to use is one that I got from my local beauty supply store for $1. It's made by Broadway "Ultra-Lip". I love it because it's not all sticky and thick, and it has coconut oil in it, and I loooooove coconut oil.

And that's all folks! My daytime makeup routine. I hope this makes your mornings a little easier. Thanks for reading.

Love, TylerIman

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